Diego Sorbara (dsorbara) wrote in frenchwords,
Diego Sorbara


flot nm flood, stream; (marée) flood
tide; ~s nmpl (de la mer) waves; être
à ~
(NAVIG) to be afloat; (fig) to be on an
even keel; à ~s (couler) in torrents; entrer
à ~s
to stream, pour in.

nm 1. Toute masse liquide agitée de mouvements en sens divers;
vague. 2. Spécial. Marée montante. 3. Quantité
importante d’un liquide versé. Flot de song.—fig.
Quantité important de choses, de personnes. Flot d’auditeurs.

pl. 1. Litt. La mer. La fureur des flots. 2. Arts
. Postes.

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I think people can't learn like that...
has it died?
It has not...but the author is on the verge. Unfortunately, school work has gotten the better of me these past few months and I've barely had time to work on Frenchwords updates.

However, I promise that they will start up again quite shortly, possibly this upcoming weekend, since this semester is almost over.

Once again, I apologize for the horrendous delay.
it's fine. i was just checking to see if it was worth keeping on my friends list or not.
Hi, I'm new here. I'm from Kansas City, KS and I'll be going to France next year for a foreign exchange.

Bit off topic, but does anyone know what the French word for "wrench" is?
KC, cool! (even if it is on the Kansas side.) Although I do prefer Columbia, Mo.

Anyways, the word is clé, or sometimes clé à écrous (which is specifically a wrench that tightens nut bolts).

Have fun in France
Merci beaucoup!
ahh! don't stop this! i just joined, lol, and i like it
I'm back, don't worry. This semester I've been swamped with work because I was on newspaper staff (read my work here). But now I'll have time to make more updates.